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Insurance Claims

We’ll Help With Your Insurance Claim Following Storm Damage

As a homeowner, one of the most unsettling feelings you can experience is the loss of security that hits you when your home has been damaged by severe weather. Heavy rains, hail, intense winds, and flying debris can do considerable damage to your home’s exterior, and the damage can be so extreme that your family and belongings can be exposed to the elements. This is when your homeowner’s insurance company is supposed to spring into action, providing temporary and long-term solutions for returning your home to pristine condition and returning your peace of mind.

Storm Damage Insurance Claims

American Way Exteriors isn’t just a trusted choice for roofing and siding repairs and installations—we also help our customers navigate the tricky insurance claim process. When you choose us to handle your emergency roofing or siding storm damage repairs, we’ll help ensure that your insurance company provides sufficient compensation to cover your repairs.

American Way Exteriors is a member of the American Policy Holder Association, and we have assisted everyone from individual families to large homeowner associations. We can help facilitate your storm damage insurance claim by providing a detailed inspection report that meticulously documents all your home’s roof or siding damage and thoroughly details all the needed repairs. If we feel that repairs won’t be sufficient, we’ll explain why a full roof or siding replacement project is needed.

Contact Us Today

If you live in Centerville, Ohio, or a surrounding community, and your home has been damaged by severe weather, contact American Way Exteriors today. We’ll be happy to provide an emergency inspection, help you navigate the roof damage insurance claim process, and provide the timely repairs you’re hoping for.

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