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Commercial Roofing Contractor in Dayton, OH

premium roofing solutions for your commercial properties

Protect Your Dayton, OH Investment with Commercial Roofing Solutions

When an investment property lacks proper maintenance, it sends the wrong signal to both long-term tenants and prospective tenants. Keep your roof in premium condition by repairing and replacing it when needed. Enroll in our Roof Maintenance Program and save on roofing services.

Get practical answers to your commercial roofing system needs with American Way Exteriors’ state-of-the-art drone inspection, thermal inspection, and guidance on the best long-term solutions.

An aerial view of a parking lot with a large building in the background.

How to Know Your Commercial Property Needs a New Roof

Noticeable wear
Expired warranty
Curled or cracked shingles
Moisture stains on your ceiling
Current roof over 20-30 years old
Damage from hail or severe weather

Get a roof that protects your investment today!

Benefits of a New Roof for Your Dayton Area Commercial Property

Attract new tenants and retain old ones
Protect your investment from harsh weather
Increase energy efficiency
Avoid costly, time-consuming repairs
Enjoy low-maintenance roofing

Flat Rubber Roofing

Flat Roofing

Rolled roofing, also known as rubber roofs or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), come with great benefits for your Dayton area business:

  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Simple installation
  • Long-lasting (50 years with proper installation)
  • Easy to repair
  • A “green” choice
  • Reflects UV rays
  • Can be painted
Carlisle Systems

Carlisle Syntec Roofing Products

  • Get the right roof for your commercial property.
  • Enjoy industry-leading protection with our outstanding warranty.
  • Feel confident your business is well covered.

Our Trusted Partners

Save Time and Money with Our Roof Maintenance Program

We know you’re busy. Get the Roof Maintenance Program for multi-family units or commercial buildings.

  • Thorough roof inspection
  • Detailed report
  • Set rate for all repairs and proactive maintenance
  • Emergency response
  • Proactive inspections twice a year
  • Two-year maintenance contract

Benefits of Roof Maintenance Program

  • Keep your commercial roof and its warranty in great shape.
  • Decrease the possibility of unexpected roof repairs.
  • Give your commercial roof the care it needs for optimal long-term performance.

Roofing Services We Offer

Roof Installation

Our customer service, top materials, and detailed installation give you a gorgeous roof.

Commercial Roof Repair

We simply do the work your roof needs.

Emergency Roof Repair

When disaster strikes, it’s important to resolve roof problems both quickly and safely.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

When an investment property’s roof gets damaged, delaying repairs can make things worse. Contact us for prompt solutions.

Why Choose American Way Exteriors

As a veteran-owned commercial roofing company, we add value to your investment property, treat you like an individual, and don’t do high-pressure sales.

Need Inspiration?

With a host of siding styles and colors, you can choose the right design options to match your home’s style. Get ideas for your next project in our gallery.

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