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How to Identify a Bad Sealant Application on Your Roof

Your roofing stands up to the elements 24/7 and needs to be in tip-top shape to perform its primary function of protecting your home. Although there are a variety of components to a roof, all of which need to be installed with precision, the roof sealant gives a final touch when it comes to protecting your home.

When properly applied, this defensive coating—known as a sealant—both safeguards your roof from water intrusion, and adds a durable layer of security to it.

Roof sealant extends the roof’s life and lowers its possibility of being damaged from the weather. If your sealant is bad or isn’t applied properly, tiny openings and cracks may occur, eventually leading to roof leaks.

Spotting the early signs of faulty roof sealant can help you bypass costly repairs in the future.

7 Ways to Spot Improperly Applied Roof Sealant

Dayton’s weather can be humid, moist, and stormy. As a result, your roof’s surface can become weakened.

Low quality roof sealant can open the door to a compromised roofing system that needs repairs or replacement sooner than it should. And improperly installed roof sealant can lead to a roof replacement if the situation is left unaddressed.

Here are some signs your roof sealant was either bad or wasn’t applied right the first time.

1. Curled and Cupped Shingles

When there is no waterproof sealant applied on your roof, it’s easy to spot because shingles will look curled or cupped over time.

2. Distorted Looking Shingles

If your roof shingles look contorted, warped, bent, or buckled, sealant either wasn’t applied properly or at all.

3. Missing or Broken Shingles

If you have missing shingles, you’ll see different colored patches on your roof, or you may find them in your yard after severe storms.

4. Compromised Roof Valleys

A roof valley consists of any planes on your roof that are joined together. These areas are typically sloped, and when they aren’t sealed properly, moisture penetrates them. It happens because sealing wasn’t applied properly when your roof was installed. This problem is spotted by checking the seams of your roof. It’s safest to stay on the ground and allow a roofer to discover if this is the situation.

5. Roof Leaks

One of the most dreaded problems a poorly sealed roof can produce is roof leaks. When the moisture on your roof penetrates into it, and shingles become compromised, roof leaks result. They will show up in your attic or as brown spots on the ceilings of rooms in your home’s top floor. If you see signs of roof leaks, it’s vital you contact a trusted roofer to inspect the situation promptly and address it with roof repairs or replacement.

6. Cracked Flashing

Flashing is a thin piece of metal that goes under shingles on the joints of your roof to create a water-resistant barrier. Some flashing is exposed and some is concealed. If flashing breaks, large cracks will be noticeable. This may occur due to improper sealing application or corrosion of flashing over time.

7. Missing Flashing

Both your chimney and skylights should have flashing around them to protect your home from moisture intrusion. If your flashing goes missing (or is faulty), it’s usually because the seal around them broke. This problem is likely caused by improper sealant application.

Why Properly Applied Roof Sealant Matters for Your Home

The proper application of a good quality roof sealant will hinder water from penetrating and saturating your roof (not to mention your attic and the ceiling of your home interior)! Breathable roof sealants allow moisture to actually evaporate through them. Properly applied roof sealant will improve your energy usage and lower utility bills.

Sealants also prevent the unhealthy and unattractive growth of mold and algae on your roof. A sealant’s low permeability makeup keeps moisture from being retained.

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By all means, applying sealant is not a DIY project. You can avoid the dangers associated with climbing on your roof by hiring a roofer to apply or reapply sealant. They will inspect your roof, repair it where needed, and prepare it to be sealed. When weather permits, the full roof will be sealed with excellence and given ample time to dry. Experienced professionals apply sealant so you get superior results.

At American Way Exteriors, we perform state-or-the-art drone roof inspections so you enjoy the full value out of your roof for its lifetime. Our drone takes accurate images and precise measurements. This simple procedure is super convenient for you, and won’t disrupt your day (since no one needs to climb on your roof, and it’s super quick)! Contact us to schedule a roof inspection for your Dayton home.

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