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How to Safely Hang Christmas Lights on Your Siding

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about adding some festive cheer to your neighborhood this holiday season!

Adding Christmas lights to your siding is a fun way to add a twinkling touch to your home’s exterior (without needing to climb up on the roof—what a relief!). However, holiday lights can cause major damage to your siding when they’re not hung correctly—and nothing will ruin Christmas faster than needing to ask Santa for new siding.

Tips for Safely Decorating Your Siding with Christmas Lights

That said, here are our professional tips for maintaining the integrity of your siding while still adding holiday cheer to your home this Christmas season!

Remember—Safety First

Before you start stringing lights on your siding boards, there are some essential safety rules to follow:

  • Select lights, power strips, and extension cords for outdoor use, and throw out any strands with frayed wires or broken sockets. This will ensure your lights stand up to rain, snow, and temperature changes without burning out or, worse, starting a fire.
  • Before you climb on a ladder, put on some safety glasses (just in case) and grab an adult buddy to assist (the kids can help too—have them stay on the ground to be your “quality-control elves” by making sure the lights are evenly spaced).
  • Only connect as many strands of lights as the manufacturer recommends. Be sure to use plenty of outlets and extension cords for a vibrant light show that won’t damage your electrical wiring or blow a fuse.

Avoid Nails, Staples, or Glue

Anything that can puncture holes in your siding boards (like nails and staples) or “peel off” the finish (glue or adhesives) should be avoided when hanging Christmas lights on your siding.

Even small holes in a high-quality siding material can lead to costly problems, like moisture intrusion, pest damage, mold growth, and structural damage. Peeling off the paint or finish on your boards will lead to an unsightly appearance and a decrease in curb appeal. Not to mention—puncturing holes in your siding or peeling off the finish may void your warranty!

Use Siding Clips or Hangers Instead

Unlike nails and glue, siding clips and hangers are a non-invasive way to string lights on your siding that won’t cause any damage to your boards.

These clips and hangers are usually made of metal or plastic and can slide right between the seams in your siding boards, with the pressure of the boards to hold the clip or hanger in place. Then, you can hang strands of lights from hanger to hanger (or situate an item on one hanger, like a wreath or bow).

Ideas for “Decking the Halls” This Holiday Season (While Protecting Your Siding!)

Even though using siding hangers is safe, some homeowners want to steer clear of hanging lights on their siding and roofing system altogether—and we totally understand! Siding repairs can rack up quickly.

Here are some other creative ideas for adding festive cheer to your property this holiday season without (or in addition to!) stringing lights on your siding.

  • Jolly Walkway — Create a lighted arch leading up to your front door, or find some fun candy cane, gumdrop, or luminaria lights to line the pathways in your front yard.
  • Vibrant Lightshow — Find an outdoor projector that can adorn your home’s exterior in snowflakes, ornaments, or festive motifs in minutes (without the hard work!). There are even projectors that can make it look like Santa is inside eating milk and cookies!
  • Twinkling Trees — Wrap lights around your tree trunks or get lighted netting to drape over the tops of trees, bushes, and shrubs for a cheerful yard with minimal effort.
  • Festive Front Door — Deck out your front door with a wreath, lighted garland, poinsettias, and other beautiful decorations to warmly welcome guests, friends, and family during the holiday season.

Give Your Siding a Makeover for the New Year with American Way Exteriors

While decorating for the holidays and inspecting your siding closely, you might notice some siding damage, like cracking, chipping, or fading.

If you do, please give us a call at American Way Exteriors. We’d love to beautify your home with our siding replacement services before the new year so you can enjoy eye-catching curb appeal, low-maintenance upkeep, and increased energy efficiency.

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