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Six Reasons to Replace Cedar Shake Tiles with Synthetic Shingles

Homeowners with cedar shake roofing get weary of its maintenance, repair, and replacement needs. The good news is that synthetic roofing shingles can mimic the look of a cedar shake roof, giving you the style and design you crave without the hassles involved with a wood roof. Synthetic shingles’ impressive durability—due to their makeup—causes them to stand up to precipitation and storms year-round with ease. Environmentally friendly, synthetic shingles can be made from recycled materials and provide consistent energy savings.

The Problem with Cedar Shake Tiles

Cedar shake roofing is produced by harvesting aged western red cedar, cypress, pine, spruce, or redwood trees. Each shake (tile or shingle) is machined to look like hand-split wood. Creating cedar shakes is not a sustainable or eco-friendly process.

In some cities, cedar shake roofing is banned because of its high risk in case of a fire. This highly combustible material is particularly dangerous in places where brush fires are common.

Ohio weather can cause cedar shingles to grow moss, retain moisture, warp, rot, and mold. When water permeates wood shingles, trouble results. If left unattended, the minor problems that are almost unnoticeable can cascade into major problems.

If you choose a cedar roof, you’ll need to care for it properly. It will require periodic inspections, regular maintenance, and prompt repairs if a problem is found. Most cedar shake roofs last 15-20 years if they are installed properly and well maintained.

Why Synthetic Shingles Are the Best Roofing Material for Ohio Homeowners

Composite shingles are made of compressed recycled plastics and other sustainable materials, creating an eco-friendly roofing material with extreme durability. They stand up to Ohio’s climate and temperatures. They endure sudden changes in temperatures and extreme temperatures.

Synthetic shingles withstand winds up to 140 mph, giving you peace of mind throughout the year. And you’ll get maximum snow and rain runoff with these durable shingles, the perfect roofing for your home.

Synthetic shingles work well on steep roofs as well as low-pitched roofs. Additional benefits to choosing synthetic shingles to replace your cedar shake roof include:

1. Get the gorgeous look you love

It’s tough to match the beauty of wood, but with today’s technology, durable synthetic shingles now mimic the look of wood yet save you on maintenance. You can literally achieve nearly the same look with synthetic shingles as you can with cedar shakes. Gorgeous synthetic shingles enhance your home’s beauty.

2. Boost your home’s energy efficiency

Synthetic shingles provide optimum insulation for your home. They help you decrease your overall energy usage, lowering your utilities throughout the year.

3. Enjoy the low maintenance of synthetic shingles

Get the modern look along with the low maintenance you deserve with synthetic shingles. They don’t warp, rot, mold, rust, or damage easily. They stand up to the elements and won’t absorb moisture like cedar shake shingles. Avoid the repairs other roofing materials need by choosing low-maintenance synthetic shingles for your next roof replacement.

4. Benefit from the durability of composite shingles

Known to be long-lasting, synthetic shingles will stand the test of time and endure the elements with ease, so you won’t have to replace your roof for years to come.

5. Avoid pest infestation

Reliable composite shingles offer nothing pests are looking for when it comes to food or a home. You can avoid the hassles of pest troubles when you choose composite shingles over cedar shake wood shingles, which are known to attract pests.

6. Protect your family in case of a fire

Unlike cedar shake wood shingles, synthetic shingles are non-combustible and won’t contribute to a fire.

Are synthetic shingles right for your home?

Our “Homeowner’s Guide to Synthetic Shingles” can help you decide.

Choose Synthetic Shingles and Add Style to Your Home Exterior

Get a designer appearance for your Dayton, Ohio home with gorgeous synthetic shingles. The contemporary look they deliver will boost your curb appeal and increase your home value.

The best cedar shake roof alternative is a product that will last longer than cedar with almost no maintenance or repair needs. Brava composite shake shingles give you the stunning appearance of cedar shake shingles, and the durability of composite tile.

Brava Synthetic Shingles

The durability, longevity and style of Brava composite tile roofs bring out the best in your home. They are available in a wide variety of colors, so you can get the exquisite look you desire for your home exterior.

Old World Slate, Cedar Shake, and Spanish Barrel tile are just a few of your options when it comes to these attractive shingles. They last longer than concrete, slate, and asphalt. These multi-colored composite shake tiles will add style and visual appeal to your home exterior. Brava synthetic shingles are also lightweight and eco-friendly.

Brava synthetic shingles vary in thickness from 5/8” to 7/8” which creates gorgeous shadow lines, mimicking the look of hand-split cedar shakes. Choose from a variety of colors or get a custom color specifically for your home.

Synthetic shingles by Brava are available with Class A and Class C fire ratings, and have a Class 4 impact rating. They boast a limited 50-year warranty that gives you confidence in your home’s protection and looks.

How to Know You Need a New Roof

  • Are your shingles worn out?
  • Did you have a recent hail storm?
  • Is your current roof 20-30 years old?
  • Has your current roof’s warranty expired?
  • Do you have cracked or curled shingles?
  • Are there water stains on your ceilings on the highest floor in your home?

Protect Your Home with Gorgeous Roofing

At American Way Exteriors, we take time to educate you on roofing material options so you can get the best long-term solution for your home. We offer roof installation, roof repair, emergency roof repair, and storm damage roof repair.

Contact us to get a quote on gorgeous Brava Synthetic Shingles for your home.

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American Way Exteriors has earned numerous positive reviews for our outstanding service. Read about our customers’ pleasant experiences working with us, then contact us today to learn how we can improve your home with new siding and roofing.

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Kathy G.

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