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The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Siding Options for Your Ohio Home

When upgrading your home exterior, energy-efficient materials make your property more comfortable throughout the year while saving you on utilities. Replacement siding seals your dwelling from the chill of winter and summer heat while keeping pests and water from intruding.

Discover some of the best siding materials that maximize your house’s energy usage while enhancing curb appeal.

Siding Materials for Greater Energy Efficiency Throughout the Year

1. Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated vinyl siding delivers excellent energy savings to your home. It combines the benefits of vinyl’s low maintenance with an extra layer of insulation under the siding material. This added lining creates a blanket over your home to trap warm air in your house each winter and cool air inside each summer.

Pro tip: When you choose insulated vinyl siding, your heating and air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard, so you’ll lengthen their lifespan while saving on your utilities.

2. James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Maximize your Dayton home’s energy savings with durable, heat-resistant, James Hardie fiber cement siding. Five times thicker than vinyl siding, Hardie panels are engineered to meet the specific climate needs in your region. They easily withstand the winter storms, rain, and summer heat your Ohio property experiences throughout the year. Fiber cement’s makeup of cement, sand, and cellulose delivers decades of reliable protection for your home.

This siding mimics the look of wood boards while offering energy savings due to the reliable seal it provides for your home. Other materials crack, warp, or dent over time, leaving your house unsealed and vulnerable to infiltration of outdoor temperatures. Fiber cement’s reliable makeup means your home will be protected from extreme temperatures. Hardie siding’s consistent performance ensures you’ll save on utilities during the intense summer heat and the chill of Dayton’s winters.

Pro tip: Your home’s indoor comfort level will reflect the trusted protection of dense Hardie siding. Plus, added insulation can be installed behind Hardie Board to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

3. Cedar Wood Siding

Cedar is a low-density softwood, which enhances its insulation value, keeping your heating and air conditioning indoors where they belong. It is light and easy to install. In addition to cedar’s insulating qualities, homeowners love the classic look, noise reduction, and longevity this elegant wood provides.

Pro tip: Cedar wood siding is a natural insulator and delivers significant energy savings to your home.

4. Metal Siding

Environmentally friendly steel or aluminum siding offers eye-catching curb appeal to your home while boosting energy efficiency. EDCO Steel Siding uses energy-efficient Cool Chemistry technology that is highly effective at reflecting heat and keeping your treated air indoors.  

Pro tip: By reflecting more solar energy, less heat energy is transferred inside your home. The result? Steel siding can help you save on summer cooling costs consistently.

What Is R-Value and What Does it Tell You About Energy Efficiency?

A common term you’ll run across as you compare home siding, R-value measures a material’s ability to restrict heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better the material performs when preventing heat from escaping and keeping cold air out.

For example, insulated vinyl siding is known for its high R-value of 2.0–4.0, depending on the brand and type of siding you choose. Uninsulated vinyl siding has an R-value of 0.61—significantly less than the insulated version.

Learn the R-value of the replacement siding material you’re considering, and let it weigh into your decision for the best fit for your long-term needs.

Boost Indoor Comfort with Beautiful Replacement Siding

Don’t settle for drafty interiors that cause your heating and air conditioning unit to work overtime each summer and winter. Seal up your Dayton, Ohio home with replacement siding that offers energy efficiency, lowers utility bills, and increases indoor comfort.

At American Way Exteriors, we install cedar, shake, metal, and James Hardie siding. We are the only James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor in the area. The Hardie company trained us to install their popular siding precisely and according to their high standards. You’ll get the high-performance siding you can rely on for decades.

Check out our energy-efficient siding options.

Read Our Rave Reviews

American Way Exteriors has earned numerous positive reviews for our outstanding service. Read about our customers’ pleasant experiences working with us, then contact us today to learn how we can improve your home with new siding and roofing.

"Jake Preston is amazing! We had wind damage to our roof. Jake assisted us through every step. Making sure we had no unanswered questions. His professionalism and kindness is unmatched. The crew was respectful and detailed oriented. Thank you Jake and American Way!"

Michelle G.

"Replaced the existing siding on my home. Contact and price were discussed thoroughly during the initial discussions. Workers arrived at the scheduled time and were professional in the removal, new installation, cleanup, and onsite conduct. Communication between supervisors, installers and myself was on a daily basis and any issues were addressed immediately. Would not hesitate to use this company again or recommend them."

Beecher R.

"We chose American Way Exteriors to replace our old vinyl siding with Hardie board siding and trim. Throughout the entire process we found the team to be very professional and receptive to our questions about the project. They were constantly in touch with us about when work would start, what to expect each day of the project, and followed up to see if we had concerns. As the project began it was very apparent our house had suffered from poor installation by the builder years ago. The American Way team worked to fix the problems, keeping us well informed along the way. We could not be happier with the finished project both cosmetically and structurally. This is definitely a company we highly recommend exterior projects!"

Kathy G.

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