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What Siding Looks Like Stucco, But Lasts Longer?

Dayton homeowners with stucco siding know well the high maintenance and tedious repair needs it comes with. Prone to moisture intrusion, rot and mold, stucco looks great initially, yet typically doesn’t withstand the elements over time. The good news is that if you love the look of stucco, James Hardie fiber cement siding can imitate stucco, yet give you the low maintenance and longevity you’re looking for in a siding product.

Love the Look of Stucco but Desire Reliable Durability?

Stucco is susceptible to water intrusion, pest infestation, and cracking—requiring regular maintenance and repairs. Painting stucco involves surface preparation that can become extensive. You don’t have to give up the beauty of stucco just because you’re weary of its repair needs. You can still get the aesthetics you love and enjoy easy maintenance with Hardie siding replacement. Here are some reasons you’ll love James Hardie siding.

Reliable longevity

Hardie Board is engineered to stand up to the elements, so you can expect decades of durability. This outstanding fiber cement product resists damage from mold, swelling, and cracking.

Simple maintenance

Since Hardie siding resists water intrusion, pests, woodpeckers, and even fire, you won’t need to repair it like you did your stucco siding. Simply wash it twice a year and keep an eye on its caulking around doors and windows. If caulking shows signs of deterioration, simply replace it.  

Almost no repairs

Hardie siding is designed for the specific region in which it is installed, ensuring you get the best long-term performance for your region. Dayton homeowners have the HZ5 product from the HardieZone siding installed and are ensured their home is well protected from wet, freezing conditions as well as high winds Dayton is prone to experience.

Lasting color

UV-resistant, baked-on ColorPlus technology is warrantied to resist fading, chipping, and cracking for 15 years, ensuring low maintenance and enduring beauty for your home exterior. Designer-picked color combinations make your home look its best and increase your property value.

Exceptional warranty

Homeowners love the outstanding 30-year non-prorated, transferable warranty that comes with Hardie siding. Simply have a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor install it to verify the warranty will be honored.

Is James Hardie Siding right for your home?

Our “Complete Hardie Siding Guide” can help you decide.

The Problem with Stucco Siding

If your stucco siding has problems, the sooner you address them the better. If it needs to be replaced due to moisture intrusion or pest infestation, the earlier you get started on the process, the better. Putting off addressing stucco issues can cost you more in the long run because once damage starts, it cascades into more costly complications.

I Thought My Home Was Covered in Stucco

Some people think their home is covered in stucco, yet when it gets damaged, they find out during the repairs that it was actually covered in an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS). Over time, this poorly manufactured siding will likely need to be replaced due to moisture intrusion or pest infestation.

EIFS systems are popular because they deliver strong thermal and insulation efficiency as well as longevity, and are cost-effective. EIFS is covered in a stucco-type finish and creates the exterior cladding of commercial buildings, condos, and homes.

Is James Hardie Siding right for your home?

Our “Complete Hardie Siding Guide” can help you decide.

Do Woodpeckers Damage Stucco?

The beak of a woodpecker is like a chisel. It is used to bore holes into trees to obtain food, signal other birds of their territory, and nest. Woodpeckers have thick skulls and powerful neck muscles that help them deliver blows to trees and other hard surfaces without damaging themselves. They are known to bore holes in siding and Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) stucco surfaces.

When properly installed, EIFS can safeguard a home from high winds and water. But EIFS doesn’t offer sufficient protection from damage woodpeckers and other birds can cause. Woodpeckers compromise the integrity of a home’s protective layer and open the door to moisture intrusion, mold, and pest infestation.

Once a woodpecker breaks the surface of your siding, you may even see the plywood below it. Woodpecker damage often occurs on the eaves, trim, and other shaded areas. The worst part about woodpeckers is that they are known to return annually. So just about the time homeowners fix the damage from one year, woodpeckers return the next and recreate it.

Should EIFS Be Replaced with James Hardie Siding?

The only way you can fortify your EIFS covered home against woodpecker damage is to replace it with a durable siding product that woodpeckers won’t be attracted to or penetrate.

James Hardie siding is made of cement, sand, and cellulose. It stands up to the elements, pest infestation, water infiltration, and even woodpeckers. Once you reside your home with Hardie siding, you can rest at ease that your dwelling is safeguarded from harm.

Protect Your Home with Beautiful New Siding  

You deserve a low-maintenance siding with eye-catching curb appeal. At American Way Exteriors, we install durable Hardie Board that increases your home’s value, safeguards it from the elements, and prevents woodpecker damage.

Get a refreshing new look for your house with beautiful Hardie Board, and love coming home again. As Dayton’s only James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor, we specialize in Hardie siding installation.

We offer financing options so you can address your home upgrades with ease. You no longer need to worry about water intrusion, pest infestation, and the high repair needs stucco requires. Get the home exterior you’ve been dreaming of. Learn more about our James Hardie siding services.

Read Our Rave Reviews

American Way Exteriors has earned numerous positive reviews for our outstanding service. Read about our customers’ pleasant experiences working with us, then contact us today to learn how we can improve your home with new siding and roofing.

"Jake Preston is amazing! We had wind damage to our roof. Jake assisted us through every step. Making sure we had no unanswered questions. His professionalism and kindness is unmatched. The crew was respectful and detailed oriented. Thank you Jake and American Way!"

Michelle G.

"Replaced the existing siding on my home. Contact and price were discussed thoroughly during the initial discussions. Workers arrived at the scheduled time and were professional in the removal, new installation, cleanup, and onsite conduct. Communication between supervisors, installers and myself was on a daily basis and any issues were addressed immediately. Would not hesitate to use this company again or recommend them."

Beecher R.

"We chose American Way Exteriors to replace our old vinyl siding with Hardie board siding and trim. Throughout the entire process we found the team to be very professional and receptive to our questions about the project. They were constantly in touch with us about when work would start, what to expect each day of the project, and followed up to see if we had concerns. As the project began it was very apparent our house had suffered from poor installation by the builder years ago. The American Way team worked to fix the problems, keeping us well informed along the way. We could not be happier with the finished project both cosmetically and structurally. This is definitely a company we highly recommend exterior projects!"

Kathy G.

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