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Why It Pays to Replace Your Vinyl Siding with Fiber Cement Siding

While vinyl siding may be installed for a lower price point than fiber cement siding, the pros here at American Way Exteriors have noticed its problems can cause homeowners to regret this choice.

Some common vinyl siding problems include:

  • It may dent when stray debris is flung at it from a lawnmower or a storm.
  • It isn’t thick like fiber cement, so its attempt at mimicking either wood, stone, or tile siding does not produce a true-looking replica of the materials.
  • If vinyl siding is painted a dark color, it can tend to absorb the sun’s heat and warp as a result.
  • It isn’t fire retardant and can warp and melt during fires or extreme heat.
  • It’s not eco-friendly because it is made of plastic and isn’t recyclable in many facilities. If it enters a landfill, it can burn, and it will emit hazardous dioxins.

Although there are drawbacks, some positive things remain about vinyl siding. Made of PVC, the same material used in luxury vinyl floors, today’s vinyl siding has some perks such as:

  • It can mimic cedar, stone, or tile (but not as well as fiber cement does).
  • It is generally low maintenance.
  • It can come in shingles, and vertical or horizontal planks.
  • An insulated version is available and can lower your utilities bills.
  • It comes in a variety of colors, and doesn’t need to be repainted unless you want to change the color of your home exterior.
  • Installation is simple and therefore more affordable.
  • Vinyl siding is light and easy to work with for DIY enthusiasts.
  • When you add insulation to vinyl siding, it can help keep your home quieter and allow you to enjoy more comfortable indoor temperatures.
  • It can be repaired and replaced fairly easily because it is so light and easy to work with.
  • It can last 20-40 years based on how well it was installed and maintained over the years. In contrast, fiber cement siding may last 50 or more years and maintains its high performance throughout its life.

Fiber Cement’s Initial Investment Pays Off for Decades

You can replace your vinyl siding with James Hardie siding. Fiber cement siding replacement comes with a long list of pros, and the only con most people see is its initial investment. It is a more sizable initial investment than vinyl siding, but it provides long-term reliable high performance for decades, saving you money in the long run. And it looks fabulous!

James Hardie siding—the most popular name when it comes to fiber cement—is also known as Hardie Board and HardiePlank. It is the #1 siding material in America, and known for its strength, attractiveness, and durability.

Here are some of our favorite perks when it comes to James Hardie fiber cement siding:

Robust makeup

Fiber cement is made of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. These ingredients combine to create heavy-duty, dependable siding that stays put in severe weather.

Thick density

Five times thicker than vinyl siding, fiber cement gives your home substantial fortification. While vinyl gives the impression of being thick, it actually has an empty space under it once it’s installed. Fiber cement siding is so thick it can mimic the look of wood.

Water resistant

When siding materials fail, unwanted water penetrates and can wreak havoc in your home—causing wood rot, mold, and mildew. Avoid the need for repairs by investing in durable fiber cement siding which stays unharmed once it is installed. It won’t crack or incur holes in it, so moisture is kept outside your siding where it belongs.

Fade resistant color

The extra benefit of James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology gives homeowners baked-on color that resists fading, keeping your siding looking gorgeous with minimal maintenance. Its UV resistance keeps it from fading so your siding continues looking great for years to come.

Third-party tested

James Hardie’s HardiePlank lap siding is backed by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal. The highly respected Good Housekeeping Seal is only given after a product’s rigorous evaluation and testing by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. With modern equipment, siding is tested for fading, weather, water, fire resistance, and more.

Engineered for climate

The James Hardie company studied the long-term impact a variety of climates have on siding. Their research resulted in the creation of the HardieZone system, which ensures you get the best siding product for your region. Their HZ5 products resist wet and below freezing weather, while the HZ10 products protect homes from the sun’s harsh effects along with high winds, heat and humidity.

Dependable warranty

The James Hardie company is so confident in its siding, it offers the best warranty in the industry. The 30-year non-prorated, transferable warranty gives homeowners confidence in their fiber cement siding’s performance for years to come. And this durable siding can last up to 50 years!

Outstanding protection

The safety of your family is of utmost importance, particularly in the case of a fire. While vinyl siding melts and wood fuels a flame, fiber cement siding is heat resistant and fire resistant, and won’t contribute to a fire. Due to its outstanding properties, some insurance companies even offer discounts for fiber cement siding.

Minimum maintenance

Upkeep on your home’s siding keeps it looking in tip-top shape. One of the great things about James Hardie fiber cement siding is its low maintenance requirements over the years. Imagine how much time you will save because you don’t have to regularly paint or repair your home’s siding.

HardiePlank or Vinyl Siding?

Learn all you need to know about Fiber Cement Siding and HardiePlank siding cost in our “Complete Hardie Siding Guide”

Get Reliable Fiber Cement Siding Installation with American Way Exteriors

American Way Exteriors is an award-winning siding and roofing and contractor in Dayton, OH. We stay on the cutting edge of technology and manufacturer’s best practices so you know your siding and roof installation is done right the first time.

When your siding needs a replacement, we would love to help. Get a quote today so you can be one step closer to your dream home!

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American Way Exteriors has earned numerous positive reviews for our outstanding service. Read about our customers’ pleasant experiences working with us, then contact us today to learn how we can improve your home with new siding and roofing.

"Jake Preston is amazing! We had wind damage to our roof. Jake assisted us through every step. Making sure we had no unanswered questions. His professionalism and kindness is unmatched. The crew was respectful and detailed oriented. Thank you Jake and American Way!"

Michelle G.

"Replaced the existing siding on my home. Contact and price were discussed thoroughly during the initial discussions. Workers arrived at the scheduled time and were professional in the removal, new installation, cleanup, and onsite conduct. Communication between supervisors, installers and myself was on a daily basis and any issues were addressed immediately. Would not hesitate to use this company again or recommend them."

Beecher R.

"We chose American Way Exteriors to replace our old vinyl siding with Hardie board siding and trim. Throughout the entire process we found the team to be very professional and receptive to our questions about the project. They were constantly in touch with us about when work would start, what to expect each day of the project, and followed up to see if we had concerns. As the project began it was very apparent our house had suffered from poor installation by the builder years ago. The American Way team worked to fix the problems, keeping us well informed along the way. We could not be happier with the finished project both cosmetically and structurally. This is definitely a company we highly recommend exterior projects!"

Kathy G.

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