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11 Benefits of Synthetic Shingles for Your Roof

Your home’s roof makes up almost 60% of your curb appeal. It should be both gorgeous and protect your dwelling from the elements. It must be made so well that it can endure for decades while standing up to 24/7 exposure to weather. Tall order? Not for synthetic shingles, made with both attractiveness and longevity in mind.

Authentic-looking synthetic shingles are new and quickly rising in popularity. Here’s a look at their makeup and advantages.

What Are Synthetic Roof Shingles Made of?

Synthetic roofing, made from a combination of rubber and plastics, is now being manufactured into a more durable, lower maintenance shingle than traditional asphalt shingles, slate, clay tiles, and cedar shingles. Some manufacturers combine recycled materials, while others use virgin ingredients to make them.

This modern improvement on a construction classic (slate roofing) provides homeowners with a luxurious roofing option to create the curb appeal they desire at a fraction of the cost of slate.

11 Benefits of Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic shingles are a popular material choice for replacement roofing. Here’s why homeowners love them and what sets them apart from traditional asphalt shingles, wood, slate, and metal roofing.

1. Stunning Beauty

The versatility of synthetic shingles gives you the opportunity to enjoy the luxurious look of high-end roofing tiles, yet with additional perks. They are cast in specialty molds (made from authentic slate), so they accurately mimic the genuine look of natural materials including:

  • Slate Tile — Synthetic shingles allow you to enjoy the look of slate, yet gain the advantages of a longer lifespan and lower maintenance than genuine slate.
  • Shake Tile — If you adore the look of raw cedar shakes, you can get it without tedious maintenance. Synthetic shingles are available in varied shingle widths and rough, grainy texture to mimic the look of genuine cedar shakes.
  • Barrel Tile — If you find the appearance of traditional clay tiles appealing, but you don’t care for their weight or fragility, synthetic shingles are the perfect answer for your dilemma.

2. Lightweight

Other luxury roofing materials tend to be heavy and put undue weight on your home’s structure, but synthetic shingles are lightweight and won’t overtax it. Authentic slate shingles are heavy to lift while they are transported and installed. By comparison, a standard roof structure can easily support the weight of synthetic shingles, which weigh in at only 1.25 pounds per tile—one-fourth the weight of genuine slate!

3. Exquisite Customization Options

A patented, multi-coloring process gives synthetic shingles the most realistic color replication of natural roofing materials.

4. Reliable and Long-Lasting

Twice as thick as other composite roofing, synthetic shingles outshine their competition in durability. Longer lasting than asphalt shingles, they stand up to the weather with ease.

They have a Class 4 Impact Resistance Rating (the highest impact resistance rating for roofing materials), so they won’t become damaged from severe weather like other roofing materials. While other products need to be replaced every 15-30 years, synthetic shingles can last up to 100 years! And fewer repairs are needed over the roof’s lifetime.

5. Enhanced Home Safety

Synthetic shingles are Class A Fire Rated (the highest fire rating that can be attained), so you can rest at ease your home is well protected in case of a fire. They aren’t readily flammable, so they won’t spread a fire, and they protect you from severe exposure to external fires too.  

6. Cost-Effective

Synthetic shingles are quite a bit less expensive than authentic slate shingles, yet they give your home the high-end exquisite look you love. They have an initial investment that is greater than asphalt, but less than clay tile or genuine slate.

7. Simple to Install

Genuine slate is so heavy, it’s tough to manage during installation. And slate shingles are super fragile to cut and nail, and can crack in the process. They may also break while they are transported and after installation. In contrast, synthetic shingles are easier to work with during installation, and don’t crack during transport or after they are installed. They can be field cut with a utility knife and nailed into place with standard roofing nails.

8. Backed by a Substantial Warranty

While other roofing materials may only last 20-25 years, synthetic shingles are backed by an industry-leading 50-year limited warranty, giving you confidence in your investment.

9. Known as a Sustainable Roofing Material

Eliminate unnecessary waste in landfills by choosing synthetic shingles made from recycled material. Bonus: They’re also completely recyclable after their use. This “green” building alternative is even more durable than authentic slate and contains advanced ultraviolet inhibitors to decrease wear from the sun.

10. Trusted by the National Park Service

The National Park Service’s (NPS) commitment to sustainability extends to its buildings and includes the makeup of roof shingles, their durability, and recyclability, which all factor into a building’s environmental footprint.

11. Work Well for Historic Buildings

The NPS Technical Preservation Services states, “Historic buildings should consider synthetic shingles because they are fire-resistant, lightweight, and duplicate the look of slate tiles.”

Are synthetic shingles right for your home?

Our “Homeowner’s Guide to Synthetic Shingles” can help you decide.

You Can Enjoy the Luxurious Beauty of Synthetic Shingles

Do you love the handsome look of slate roofing, but don’t care for its downsides (significant investment, heavy, and not as durable)? You can get long-lasting, durable synthetic shingles and rest at ease because they are resistant to harsh weather and deliver low maintenance.

At American Way Exteriors, we install premium materials with high standards and attention to detail. We listen to your vision and develop a plan of action to give you results you’ll love for years to come.

Discover how our synthetic shingles installation delivers the durability, beauty, and high-performance roofing you deserve.

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