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12 Benefits of a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Looking for a sleek metal roof that radiates style, lasts longer than other metal roofing products, and protects your home from water intrusion? Tired of the look of asphalt shingles and their limited lifespan? A standing seam metal roof may be the perfect fit for your home. You’ll get the high performance you desire, along with the modern visual appeal you’ve been dreaming of.

Read on to discover the benefits of a standing seam metal roofing system.

What Is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Once you decide on a metal roofing system over traditional asphalt, it’s time to consider which metal roofing will best meet your long-term needs and bring the satisfaction you’re looking for.

The Difference between Metal Panels and Standing Seam Metal Roofing

  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing System—This is a series of panels that lock together at the seams, or are seamed mechanically. The standing seams are between 12 and 24 inches apart. They don’t use exposed fasteners. They are known for several features, including appealing aesthetics, water-tight seal, and longevity, and are engineered perfectly to protect and beautify your home.
  • Screw Down Metal Roof System—These are panels that are fastened down with screws and washers (and are screwed right through the face of the metal). They are typically used over a carport, garage, back screened-in porch, barn, or anywhere that isn’t a living space or work area. Some contractors will install these over old roofing materials.

The Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

1. Increase Roof Longevity

Due to its durable makeup, your standing seam metal roofing will last up to five decades. Get maximum snow and rain runoff from this outstanding roofing system.

2. Deliver Better Protection from Moisture Intrusion

The fasteners on a standing seam metal roof don’t penetrate the metal roofing panel, so you get better protection against moisture intrusion with this roofing system. These weather-tight panels safeguard your home from water penetration.

3. Suitable for Low Slope Roofs

While corrugated metal roofing requires a greater slope, standing seam roofing works well on low slope roofing.

4. Handle Severe Weather with Ease

Thicker than most corrugated panels, standing seam panels are between 22 and 24-gauge, and won’t bend under high winds or severe weather.

5. Almost No Upkeep

Hire a reputable roofing contractor (like us!) to install your standing seam metal roof, and the low maintenance that comes with this roofing system will make you smile. They need virtually no maintenance except at the penetrations (such as vent pipes).

6. Modern Roofing Design

Made of high-end steel, the sleek, contemporary look of standing seam metal roofing will bring a modern look to your home.

7. Unmatched Quality

The weather-tight seal and dense protection from high winds and severe weather mean you can count on your new roof for decades. This environmentally friendly, fire-resistant roofing material also repels mold and mildew. After installation, you’ll see your standing seam roofing’s energy efficiency reflected in lower utilities bills.

8. Versatile

Standing seam metal roofing is the best metal roof to use over a heated living space. Typically installed over a full roof structure, this gorgeous material can also be used to accent your home, creating modern visual appeal you’re sure to love. It’s the perfect accent for your front porch, side porch, back porch, or above your bay windows!

9. Better Roof Expansion Capabilities

Metal roofing goes through thermal expansion when temperatures change (metal expands when heated and contracts when it cools). Since standing seam panels are fastened below each rib, the fasteners allow the roof to expand and contract freely. The clips stay fastened so the panels can simply glide back and forth. (Note: screw-down panels don’t allow the metal to expand and contract naturally, which is why they shouldn’t be used over any heated living area or workspace.)

10. Concealed Fasteners

One of the best advantages of a standing seam roofing system is its concealed fasteners. Standing seam roofing has no exposed screws, so it delivers a much more weather-tight system.

In contrast, screw down metal roofing’s exposed fasteners will often wear out over time, allowing moisture to penetrate around the fastener. The way this is repaired is to back out all the screws and replace them with new, oversized screws to keep water out. You can avoid this costly hassle by installing a standing seam metal roof.

11. Extensively Tested

Standing seam roofing panels are subjected to more testing than exposed fastened systems. To meet the demands of the architectural community and building codes, these amazing panels are tested for impact resistance, fire resistance, water resistance and more.

12. Available in Copper Too!

Reduce heat transfer and lower your home’s cooling costs by up to 30% with a no-rust, no maintenance, weather-resistant copper roof. Standing seam metal roofs can use copper as a roofing material to extend longevity and elevate aesthetics.

Get High Performance Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Popular metal roofing will enhance your Ohio dream home’s design and deliver long-lasting performance. At American Way Exteriors, we offer exquisite metal roofing installed with precision by our experienced team.

Learn more about our standing seam metal roofing services.

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